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The integrated Point-of-Sales (POS) terminal with Online Order and Delivery Map software.

As an integrated software, every component of the software just works seamlessly. More importantly, you have full control of what dishes to be made available for online order and POS, when and how.

What is available in your POS menu is also available for online order, unless otherwise disabled by the restaurant. One good example is the online order for Wine should be disabled but still allow the customers to see what is available in your restaurant.

We differ from the other online order website. Our integrated online order website will be hosted under your restaurant name and payments go directly into your bank account. The benefits of doing this, not only it promotes your restaurant image, but also have very good customer retention rate. Good customer retention means increase sale revenue. Another important factor is lower operating cost (we do not charge 10% or 15% per online order as others do) and thereby, put the money back to your restaurant profit.


Here you can find the list of features of our integrated POS, online order and delivery map software.

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Our Software

Our software is 100% Made In America using the latest and proven technologies.

We offer cloud-based or in-house solution to meet any of your requirements. Some customers choose to have cloud-based to reduce up-front and maintenance cost, but some do prefer to have in-house for various reasons.

Talk to us about your requirements and we can evaluate it together and provide you with an objective recommendation.


Our software supports the most demanding and complex dishes and side items required by the restaurant. Don't take our words for it, let's give the demo a go and you will be impressed.

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