Desktop POS


Online Order

  • Online orders are fully integrated in the system, all online orders are automatically sent to the appropriate printers such as cashier, chef, sushi bar, packer etc.
  • No double data entry.
  • Cashier can notify customers their orders are ready or be delayed via text message.
  • All online orders at a glance.
  • Restaurant does not need to use Desktop POS to have Online Order functionality.

Caller ID

  • All Desktop POS terminals will receive Caller ID.
  • Caller ID is automatically shown on which line it is and populated on customer screen.
  • Customer information and past order history are automatically retrieved.

Delivery Order

  • Google Map is fully integrated.
  • Delivery address is instantly validated.
  • Delivery distance is instantly calculated so that cashier knows if the order is within the covered delivery area.
  • Cashier will know the appropriate fuel charge based on the calculated distance.
  • Location of customer address is shown on the screen.

Split Check

  • Splitting check is so easy for everyone to use.
  • Splitting check can be carried out while taking customer orders or afterwards.
  • Fuel charge for delivery order is automatically split and calculated. No calculator needed.
  • Tips can be entered individually on each split check, or apply to all split checks with one tap.
  • Supports up to 21 splits.

Mixed Payments

  • Mixed payments (cash, credit card, gift card, etc) are supported.
  • Other payment types are also supported. These payment types can be UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Amazon etc
  • Report will show total amount received for each payment type.
  • Owner/managers will use this report to match payments received from credit card processor, UberEats, DoorDash etc.
  • Any adjustments to payment is system calculated. For example, an exact refund amount is shown on the payment screen should we have received the amount but customer cancelled one or more items from the order.
  • As per above, the same for adding additional items to the order. Our system will know how much the difference to charge the customer.

Multi-tier Pricing

  • Our system support multi-tier pricing.
  • Up to 6 different pricings are supported.
  • Do you have problem synchrozing your 3rd party online order pricing with your POS?
  • Different pricings are used for 3rd party online order providers such as UberEats, DoorDash etc.
  • Different pricings can be used to re-cope some of the high commissions charged by the 3rd party online order providers.
  • With the correct pricing, cashier will immediately know if s/he enters the wrong items for the order received from the 3rd party online order providers.
  • Minimize the data entry mistake made by the cashier and penalized by the 3rd party online order providers.

Reports & Payouts

  • Payouts for servers/waitresses, cashiers and drivers are automatically calculated.
  • Cashiers do not do manual calculation for payouts.
  • Payroll report can be run to pass on staff hours, commissions, tips etc to the CPA or your payroll department.
  • Sales Reports
  • Sales by Category Analysis report provides the restaurant which items are hot and in demand.
  • Sales by Category Analysis report also provides inventory audit.
  • Staff Bank Report - this report will calculate all sales, payouts and payments for the staff.

Gift Card

  • Our system generates and support Gift Card, and can be in any denominator.
  • Gift cards can be redeemed in any branch.
  • Gift Card is secured with a PIN.

Multi-Store/Branch Support

  • Our POS supports for multi-store operations. Our Dashboard app allows restaurant owners to glance sales across all stores in the app.
  • Customer information is shared across all the stores.
  • Store gift card can be used on all stores.

Integrated Credit Card Payment

  • Our POS is integrated with EMV (credit card device) for direct credit card processing.
  • Our POS has been certified and passed the stringent certification processes with PAX A920 and A80.
  • Both our Desktop (Windows) and Mobile (Android) support integrated credit card payment.

Realtime Update across POS, Online Order Website and Apps

  • Our POS provides realltime update across all systems.
  • This includes pricing, item availability, photos etc
  • Manager or owner can perform this update easily with no computer skills.

Security, Reliablity & Scalibility

  • Our software has been proven solid and reliable.
  • Need to scale up because of your business is growing? No problem. Our software has been designed and built with enterprise technologies and skills.
  • We use the latest technologies and unlike other POS software that is probably still stay in the 80s and 90s era.
  • We use the most stringent security offered by the IT industry.
  • We do not take short cut when it comes to security to ensure your business information is secured and private.