Here in FAQs, we provide upfront and frank information to help you for your initial assessment. We do not use click-bait technique, as we believe frank and honest exchange of information. Don't find the information you are after? Shot us an email at sales@yarrapos.com or support@yarrapos.com if you have technical questions.

Yarra POS software is free to use in your business if you meet one of the conditions below:
  • As our POS is integrated with the credit card terminals for direct credit card processing, we would love to see our customers joining our credit card services for a seamless integration. We offer very competitive rate.
  • Join our online order services, be it on your own domain or link to Yarra POS.
  • Yes and No.
  • Our software is free to use provided you meet the conditions as mentioned above. However, there are expenses associated with third parties such as Apple, Google, Google Map, Twilio, domains, SSLs, Internet etc.
  • Your business is also responsible for expenses such as designing company logo and taking photos for the products. The company logos and photos are required if you wish to have online order (website and apps), driver delivery app and owner dashboard app.
  • We will provide list of computer hardware and accessories for your business to purchase directly from the manufacturers or retail shops. If you already have some, we will provide evaluation to see if these computer hardware and accessories meet our minimum hardware requirements.
  • It is often we could re-use existing computer hardware and accessories to minimize the costs. However, to support online order (via website or apps), we do require a dedicated computer server, a static IP address and netgate firewall device.
  • If you wish, we could purchase the hardware and accessories on behalf of you. However, a full upfront payment of the total purchase price is required, plus a fee.
  • We do charge for installation and setup.
  • We do not withheld any payments for the online orders. All payments go directly to your business.
  • For Pick-Up orders, customers will pay you at the cashier counter when picking up the orders.
  • For Delivery orders, you process the credit card payment at your business after receiving the customer orders.
Yes, Yarra POS does charge commission for each online order. Since Yarra POS does not withheld any online order payments, aren't you afraid we won't pay you the commission?
  • We believe in mutual-trust and mutual-success. We hope our customers do as well. However, there will be an agreement to be signed by both parties. This is to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • We have passed the most stringest certification processes and have been certified to integrate with PAX A920 and A80.
  • Why we chose PAX A920 and A80? We believe PAX A920 and A80 offer the best value and lower cost of ownership for your business.
  • However, we will continue to expand the list in the future.
Yes, you can. We do not lock down our Yarra POS software. However, you will lose the benefits of integrated credit card processing.
Of course you're welcome to do so. We offer extremely competitive rate. You'll be surprised how good our rate is and how much you could save for your business if you sign up with us. The good news is our credit card services support all types of businesses. Please contact us at sales@yarrapos.com should you have any queries.
  • Yes, we do.
  • Let us know what you have in mind at sales@yarrapos.com.
  • Our POS is a fullly featured Point of Sale software. Still missing something for your specific business needs? Contact us and discuss with our professional team.
  • Impressed with our solid, scalable and secured technologies offered to our customers? You want a team to develop something from the ground up for your business? You want a team to enhance your existing applications?
  • Yes, we can do all the above. We do more than just POS applications.
We use the following technologies:
  • Microsoft .Net (framework and core).
  • Apple iOS with Swift and SwiftUI.
  • Android.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 and Linux.
  • Database server: MySQL.
We use the multi-tier architecture separating service layer, business layer, data access layer and UI layer. This is why we could support different operating systems running on different platforms and yet easily maintained by our team. We are proud to say that our software have been extremely solid, secured, reliable and scalable, this is all credited to our solid architecture design and rigorous unit testing and UAT.